Oca and What To Do with Her

If you’ve read our personal history with growing oca, you know it took us some years before we could start offering any oca to our restaurant and home chefs. But oca wasn’t just temperamental for us—she has earned a reputation for being a finicky tuber to grow in the U.S. Oca plants like high-latitude regions that provide a long growing season. Too hot and humid a climate, the oca roots will suffer; too cold a climate, and the plants won’t survive long enough to form that delicious tuber we’ve all come to love.
She’s picky, she’s particular, but lucky for us (and lucky for you), we pushed through those years of trial and error, and found that the conditions and climate of our Portland farm are pretty simpatico with oca’s native home, the Andes Mountains.
XSo, we’ve got the oca. You’ve bought the oca. And now you’re standing in your kitchen looking down at a big bowl of yellow-orange-pink-purple tubers, thinking, ”…Now what?”
XTo get you cooking, we’ve compiled some of our team’s favorite ways to prepare oca into printable cards for your recipe box. Here are 12 to get you started, but keep coming back—we’ve got a feeling our G&D community will think up even more ways to use this magical mystery root.